A statement :

just-Menus has ceased to trade due, in some extent, to the actions of Kevin Anderson (of 3 Tier Systems UK Ltd, 3 Tier Systems Ltd & Limbvolume Ltd t/a Kinesio Taping UK & http://asa.org.uk/Rulings/Adjudications/2012/7/LimbVolume-Ltd/SHP_ADJ_165319.aspx to avoid confusion with any other person(s) of the same name).

Anderson has created situations wherein his very integrity has been proved to be lacking in extremis.

Anderson has lied on numerous occasions  ~ such lack of trust in Anderson has seriously tainted and undermined any working relationship with this company.

In particular, four instances of his deceit go to the core of his lack of honesty.

                1 : He said he wanted "a stake in the company" and wanted 10 shares in this company as part of phase 1 of his rewrite of the just-Menus programme ~ this was agreed (by handshake) with Anthony JD Redpath (AJDR). Later, he wanted to take a further 10 shares in this company as part of the writing of phase 2 ~ this was agreed (by handshake again) with AJDR (note - Alexander J Redpath (AJR) was present). Anderson also, when asked, stated he wanted 'L' to have his stakeholder shares. L now believes (according to Anderson) had (incorrectly) pre-emption rights attached to her first 10 shares ~ this is clearly against the meaning and spirit of share agreement ~ 'L' has been misled and, worse still, continues to be misled. Anderson merely states that "discussions had taken place" and  "forgets" about the handshakes & more.  

                2 : Anderson stated that the servers belonging to this company were installed in the data centre in central Newcastle. AJR and  Anderson left our office to verify their location ~ Anderson then took AJR to his offices in the Quorum where the servers were actually located. Anderson later admitted to AJDR & AJR that he (Anderson) had "lied" (his exact word) regarding the location of the servers.

                3 : In April 2011, Anderson told S that phase 2 was completed. 'S' later told AJDR that the phase was finished ~ AJDR told S that it was not finished, whereupon 'S' stated AJDR " Kevin says it's finished so you are a f*king liar" ~ phase two was not finished and never has been. In fact, in April 2012, 'S' chaired meetings with Anderson, AJDR & AJR to discuss and correct three pages of problems still outstanding from 12 months earlier. Anderson had not even integrated  the Visa procedures as per his Project Agreement ~ such had still not been integrated by April 2012 nor anytime thereafter.

                 4 :  It was subsequently agreed between Anderson and AJDR that their meetings would take place without 'S' being present. One meeting did so take place. Later, Anderson, in complete contradiction, said there was no such agreement and insisted on 'S' being present. Anderson later called off a meeting, when AJDR stated he would request a correction be noted in the minutes to take into account point 2 (above).

We, therefore, have a situation wherein one party cannot be trusted.

Is this the time for Anderson to 'come clean' ?